September 21, 2003 - 04:36
GLA screenshots was splitted in 2 parts. I mean, it's a total of 31 screenshots and it would be too much to put all that in a page. So, part 1 has the campaign animations and part 2 are the screenies in game. The GLA reporter is ok... the best of them in my opinion. The campaign is also interesting although GLA is hunger for blood or mass destruction weapons. GLA also has many improvements... the ability of cloaking its tunnels and defenses, if you play Kassad.... and the ability of build fake structures and blow them up in your enemy's face.

Note: Click on them to see them in full size.

This is the GLA reporter in map 1.

GLA symbol while the map is being loaded.

The story begins with Dr. Thrax escaping from USA army's hand. The humvees are hunting the black car, but they are trying to take out the technics before.

One humvee hits the truck and says bye.

Technic dies and flies. USA 1 x 1 GLA.

In the end, only Dr. Thrax survive, because this post falls on the humvee. Then, the map starts

In the end of the map 1, Dr, Thrax escapes by airplane. Mission Acomplished

GLA reporter does briefing of the second map. That's where the good part of the story starts.

Somewhere near Cairo, in Egypt. 'Second intentions'.

This map is when GLA gets united. Dr. Thrax wants to steal the camouflage technology from Kassad. This screenshot shows a Kassad's tank well hidden killing the informant from Thrax, the buggy.

The city where the battle happens.

American base before Kassad troops appear.

American base after Kassad troops appear.

Kassad using its Sneak Attack ability, a big tunnel appears.

For more info, check part 2.



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