February 21, 2004 - 22:21
This tutorial will teach you how to make, add, and apply sounds to your TS mod.

Sounds for Tiberian Sun are in .aud format. It's a compression format like Mp3, only a bit worse in quality. Note that both songs and sfx are in .aud format.

1) To create .aud files. .aud can be created using a plugin for the widely know WinAmp (www.winamp.com) media player. I believe it's included with XCC Utilities (http://xccu.sourceforge.net/). After you've applied the plugin, you can select it as the way WinAmp outputs the media. Play your files as you normally would but with Aud Writer enabled as output format.
NOTE: if you're using WAV files, make sure they're in 16 bit stereo 42.something KiloHertz. Fiddle around with this if it doesn't work.

2).aud files should be addes to ecache MIXes. See the Tutorial Creating and Managing your MIX files for more info.

3) If your new .aud is a song, open theme.ini or theme01.ini if you're using Firestorm. Add the filename, without extension, to the list. Also make a correct entry like how is done with the existing songs.

If your new .aud is a sound effect, open sounds.ini or sounds01.ini. Again, you need to add the filename to the list (with a lower number than BOOP)
and you may also create an entry, if you require the additional options. These options are priority (default=10, max=100) and Volume (default=1.0)

4) For a sound effect, there are several ways to make in appear in the game. It can be added to an animation in Art.ini, or a weapon in rules.ini by adding the line Report=yournewsound. It can be added to a unit's voice by adding it to the entries like VoiceSelect, VoiceReporting etc (note this also works for buildings). You can also add this sound to one of the sound events that are specified in the AudioVisual section near the top of rules.ini....