Brotherhood Of Nod
June 06, 2005 - 02:34

Tuesday, June 6th, 2035.
Classified Eyes Only.
PPM Inteligence Report #827932930376.
PPM: Final Dawn -- The Foundation Of TDL campaign.


  The information below about the Brotherhood Of Nod was collected by our spies before the riots for the Tiberium industry started. Many of our spies were tortured, poisoned and killed by NOD forces while this data was being collected. Fortunately, our operation wasn't compromised by these incidents. Make a good use the information below for future battles and for the gain of our cause.

 , The Undersigned


Brotherhood Of Nod:

Full Name: Brotherhood Of Nod
Nick Name/Abreviation: NOD
Symbol: Scorpion.
Origin: Unknown.
Currently Controlled By: Slavick.

Political Overview:

Political System: Pseudo Parliamentarism.
Economy System: Pseudo Communism
Cultural System: Messianic Dictatorship.
Power Hierarchy System: "From God, to Kane, to Seth": Nod is organized in factions and all of them follow Kane orders. Since Kane is dead, most of them follows Slavick's order.
Comercial System: Restricted to the Brotherhood's interests.
Information Spread System: NOD is seen as terrorist group in the great majority of the main media (newspaper, TV, internet, cell phone channels, etc..), except for the media from the controlled areas, which are fully controlled by them. The same happens for history books and historical information, internet sites and other sources of information.
The most orthodox followers of Kane spread the advantages of a new tiberium species, while Slavick followers avoid this theme, restricting themselves for discipline war songs and also the spread violence, anger and executions to train the mind of future soldiers.
Information Restriction System: Nod restricts all information that aren't interesting for them in their influence zone.
Corruption Level: Very high and explicit. However, if the boss is corrupt, people don't mind. The higher the power the person has, the more corrupted the person can be.

Ideological Overview:

Official Main Objective: Slavick's Nod appears to be a resistance against GDI.
Main Logo: Brotherhood, Unity, Peace!
Unofficial, Internal, Extra-Official and/or Obscure Objectives: Nod wants to entirely change the current economical system in the entire world and there are rumours that this superior tiberium species vision that Kane used to have is a way to prepare Earth to the presence of aliens.
Political Ideology: Politics is fully controlled by Nod. Nod is unique and must crush the oposition.
Economic Ideology: Economics is fully controlled by Nod... in theory. Nod doesn't pay attention to most of the economy... only the sections that have higher political influence, however, they may interfere anytime they wish in the way they want.
Cultural Ideology: Culture is fully controlled by NOD.
Political Influence: Supreme in its influence zone, which is reduced since the last tiberium war.
Economical Influence: Nod has absolutely no influence in the current formal economy. However, all illegal economy, specially related to tiberium based drugs are controlled by Nod.
Cultural Influence: They have a small approval of world population, but it's raising with unsatisfaction of the people with GDI and its tiberium business.