June 06, 2005 - 05:31

Tuesday, October 16th, 2035.
Classified Eyes Only.
PPM Inteligence Report #856936530981.
PPM: Final Dawn -- The Foundation Of TDL campaign.


  The information below about the recently created Tiberian Defense League was collected by our spies 3 days before the internal elections for leadership of this faction. Although TDL is composed by several forgotten clans, one of them has called our attention. It seems that the main actions made by forgotten clans comes from that specific clan, led by two men known as Stukov and Zarkovic. Many of our spies were killed or interrogated by TDL forces while this data was being collected. Fortunately, our operation wasn't compromised by these incidents. Make a good use the information below for future battles and for the gain of our cause.

 , The Undersigned


Tiberian Defense League:

Full Name: Tiberian Defense League
Nick Name/Abreviation: TDL
Symbol: Hawk, just as a mascot
Main colour: Green
Secondary Colour: White
Origin: Emerged from an outlaw clan in the Balkans. Lead by Stukov and, with the help of Zarkovic, they've united with several forgotten clans around the world to become the TDL.
Currently Controlled By: Apparently, led by Stukov and co-lead by Zarkovic.

Political Overview:

Political System: The main TDL clan has a Dictatorship, but all TDL clans are making an election to get a leader.
Economy System: Comunism
Cultural System: Stalinist.
Power Hierarchy System: Stukov leads and Zarkovic co-leads. The rest is unknown or not relevant.
Comercial System: Restricted Comerce.
Information Spread System: TDL will use the media to promote itself and ruining GDI's reputation.
Information Restriction System: TDL tends to restrict (or sponsor media to restrict) any information revelant to damages by their actions. They show their ends, but not their means.
Corruption Level: Unknown and impossible to determine.

Ideology Overview:

Official Main Objective: Remove tiberium from the world and save tiberium infected people (tiberian people in popular expression).
Main Logo: Cure, peace and freedom!
Unofficial, Internal, Extra-Official and/or Obscure Objectives: World power. Stukov wants all the power for himself.
Political Ideology: Politics fully controlled by the state.
Economic Ideology: Economics fully controlled by the state.
Cultural Ideology: The image of the leader will be everywhere and everything will be moderated by the State.
Political Influence: It's currently growing. We believe that if Stukov gets elected, his political influence will be comparable with GDI's.
Economical Influence: Laughable, however, they contribute with crimes (mainly robbing) against banks and strategic industries.
Cultural Influence: They are having some high appearance in the media recently. Many people are starting to trust more on them than in GDI....