Storyline: The Aftermath Of CABAL
December 11, 2004 - 12:13
Nod has been blessed with many secrets, while the destruction of CABAL was quite an accomplishment of confidence amongst Nod, it was also a critical blow to their mission improvisions; CABAL was possibly the most intelligent AI to exist, however this has not faultered Nod; Quick recovering of CABAL's core & such has revealed to them so many things.

Little do they know the essence of CABAL lives on... However for the meanwhile they rejoice with what they did achieve from the facet of his artifical destruction, the complex obelisk designs & reaper cyborg's where all something CABAL built in his short beam of glory, Nod was capable of retrieving these designs, the obelisks cannot be remade; they had a strange lnking to the core.

But with the technological advancements translated & left behind Nod has been able to improvise, developing upon the understandable translations of the tactictus Nod has been able to test an incredible weapon CABAL had almost finished developing; The Meteor Storm, a powerful, direct & efficient, it contaminates the grounds with divination that GDI & the likes could never grasp.

While Nod find's all these things of complexity, including the cloning abilities CABAL had perfected, GDI also has had a succesful outcome from the aftermath of CABAL; The fully translated tactitus is something GDI is overwhelmed with, although an incredibly hard to decipher text full of divine complexities, GDI has fulfilled a goal capable of giving them the information to create anything without limits.

GDI has already found a quick developement from the tactitus; studying atmospherics & weather relations within an ecosystem, GDI has found a way to suppress photons within clouds in such a way that the outburst creates a somewhat localised ion storm upon the hailed area, GDI has succesfully carried out the test in quite a few area's, & is ready to allow any commander to call upon its use upon battlefield given the right verification levels.

But CABAL lives oon.. Somewhere... Out there... Perhaos Kane's true motives where more sinister then originally thought... For his plans continually permutate. Who knows what the future will bring.