April 07, 2003 - 07:54

If you have a modification for any game and need a site, forums and members for that, we have a good solution here. We can provide you:

- Web Space: a lot of space (unmettered) for your site (unlimited bandwidth)
- Official Forums (public and private)
- News Forum: A simple forum that allows people to discuss the news from your project, regardless of where is it hosted. They will be restricted to the Community Project News category, regardless of their activity level.

For all these cases, we will dedicate a part of our site for your project. Just ask it in PPM Zone. If you desire a set of forums for your project, post a topic about it on Public Project Announcements. If the community enjoys your mod, you'll easily get a spot here. Just to remind you, PPM is NOT a business and was not made to be one, so it's free and hosted sites will be free of banners, popups and any annoying advertisement. If you need an example of hosted project, check Return of the Dawn Forums, MadHQ's Graveyard and Attacque Supérior News Forum.

Types of projects that we host:
- Mods for any company game (I.e.: mods for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 3, Call of Duty 2, Star Wars: Empire at War, etc...)
- Indie games (I.e.: OpenRA)
- Mods for any indie game (I.e.: mods for OpenRA)
- Extensions for any indie/company game. (I.e.: an AI for OpenTTD)

How to request hosting:

- You can use the following comunication tools for that: PPM forums, PMs, Email and MSN.
- We need to know details of your project (basic overview info). Post a topic about it in the Public Project Announcements.
- For websites, we need to know the (sub)domain (i.e.: yourdomain.ppmsite.com or www.mysite.com) and FTP password. We do not buy domains for hostees, so if you want to use one, you'd have to buy your own domain.
- For forums, we need name and description for each forum and subforum.

We may analyze your request and inform you if we accept to host it or not.


- You will have one category with a main forum dedicated to your project for public and as many subforums at it as you wish for public or staff only purposes.
- Unmettered megabytes for your project with unmettered bandwidth.
- You may select name and description of your forums and subforums.
- You will moderate your forums. You will be able to moderating, by editing, sticking, announcing, deleting, splitting and moving posts.
- You may independently give and remove access to any forum member to your staff forum (optional).
- You may independently give and remove access to any forum member to your beta-testing forum (optional).
- PPM site will dedicated a part of the menu "Other Projects" to your project. You are free to link a site of your projects or have your own sections. There is no limit for sections.
- You will be able to post news about your project in PPM website if your project reaches beta stages.
- Forums may have the option to automatically retrieve news from RSS feeds, if you desire. You may also choose who will be the poster of these retrieved news. By default, we have a PPMNewsReporter account for it, but we can use another one if you want.
- Tech Support (aka Banshee) might help you through PMs, Forum Hosting Support (forums) and MSN.


- no other forum software, no phpNuke, Joomla, CuteNews and no IRC stuff.
- no warez files or any illegal/porno/hacking content hosting allowed.

An expected return:

- In case you are having your site hosted here, please, put somewhere visible in the site that you are being hosted by PPM.
- Project be alive and worked on. We want projects that will be released one day. Hosting a project that won't be released is a waste of a time, don't you think?...