May 23, 2003 - 16:43
PPM is not just a site of projects, it holds a community and works in order to provides several services to improve it. The reason is simple: Why would we work on mods where people wouldn't download or even know of? And also, we know that, by improving a community, we learn with them, they learn with us and the overall quality of future mods, maps, graphics and utilities for the games we support will improving its replayability. PPM provides the following services:

- Basic Modding Support: The Editing Forums are forums where modders help each other with answers for doubts, solutions for problems and also basic modding discussion.

- Research Forums: Research Center are forums for registered people only where modders starts researchs on things which were not enough explored publicly around. Researchs includes brainstorming and tests until the objective is reached or it reachs a stalemate. It's a great place to learn deep information on modding, but modders learn much more when they participate. The results become available for everyone.

- Tutorials: Tutorial Forums are places where registered members share their knowledge with all visitors by posting tutorials, guides that helps people to learn more modding tricks. Remember that by contributing with this forum, you will be improving the overall quality of future mods and helping the community to improve its skills.

- Map Archive: Map Archive is where you can share your maps with the community as well as downloading maps from other people. Maps may receive comments and be improved with them, improving your mapping skills.

- Mod Announcements: Anyone can announce their mod as well as posting news about it in the Mod Announcements forum. People receive comments, feedback and help from other members for their mods. If your news is goo enough, it can be posted in the front page and spreaded to the rest of the C&C sites.

- Community Events: PPM is always trying to provide modding entertainment for our community and everyone may participate and, who knows, even getting prizes if someone sponsor it? Here's the events that we usually organize:

--> Open Map Competition: This is the main event that PPM organizes, now with many other C&C sites, and contestants are able to submit one map for Tiberian Sun/Firestorm, Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge and one for Generals/Zero Hour. The last edition was hosted at CnCCommunity.net and sponsored by Electronic Arts.

--> PPM Animation Contest: On this event, contestants submit their animations for weaponry and warheads. The animation is launched by the weapon or the death of a unit. In the end, we provide a mod that contains all the submited animations that works as a good example on how to make these things.

--> 'PPM Plays': This event is set randomly and usually in a weekend. PPM invites everyone to play a released hosted mod on the XWIS server.

--> 'Best Of': This event is a set of polls where the community votes for the most popular mod released in the year on several categories. In 2004, the winner was Tiberian Sun: Total War 1.05.

We may also promote any other event in a random day and we usually cover events from friendly sites with news.

- External Events: Project Perfect Mod also interacts with other C&C sites and Electronic Arts. Here's some of the ocasions:

--> PPM has participated from the C&C 10th Anniversary Celebration organized by CNCNZ.com.

--> On December 11th and 12th, 2006, Banshee was invited by EA to attend the Command & Conquer 3 Community Summit at the EA Los Angeles studio, in Los Angeles, USA, representing Project Perfect Mod and Revora in the event.

--> On August 22th and 23th, 2013, Banshee was invited by EA to attend the CommandCOM 2013 at the GamesCOM 2013 event in Cologne, Germany, representing Project Perfect Mod and Revora in the event....