August 26, 2009 - 01:25
I intend on providing a huge amount of information for C&C4, covering as much as I can, going into as much detail as I can. But its too big for one thread, so I've decided to break them up so they are easier to read, and so I can update them one at a time.

This topic will be updated with links as they become active. And I hope you enjoy reading them and finding out about C&C4.

The topics which I will hopefully cover:

- Extras

- Story
- Game Design - General, Tiers & Progression
- Game Design - Classes
- Game Design - Crawler & Online

Now, I know people will probably think that I'm sucking up to EA, its probably true to a small extent, but that is for the guys to where there at CommandCOM. The developers who work on this game, really are trying their best to make the best game they can. Granted, its very different, but they strongly felt that change was needed to stay fresh, and to some extent I agree.

I have done my best to approach the game itself as open minded as possible. And the things I couldn't yet tell about the game, I have faith in the team in making it worthwhile. So maybe that is sucking up to EA. But if you meet the team, you would see the same. They don't want to make a crap game. Far from it....