April 07, 2003 - 14:28
Some years after 2030, GDI and Nod are still not fighting due to the cease-fire treat between Slavick and GDI, the forgotten groups have merged and made an alliance called Tiberian Defense League which were allied to GDI, thanks to the Tacitus translation.

Nod was being raided by waves of cyborgs that didn't stopped since the destruction of Cabal. Unable to stop the Cyborg attacks, Nod needed new ways and ordered several scientist to work in this case.

The Only sucessfull scientist was Ivan Abelifester who created an electromagnetic field that was capable of disrupting Cyborg AI, making it intact, but innoperant. This event made Nod become unable to create any cybernetic units.

Abelifester was started to investigate why the cyborgs were still operating without Cabal. Most scientists had assumed that the cyborgs had their processing programmed into them, so even without Cabal orders, they would continue follow their last orders. This was plausible until they notice that the cyborg raids had stopped due to Abelifester's creation. Some cientist thought that the cyborgs were all dead or over, however, Abelifester prooved they were wrong. He analysed a cyborg corpse and concluded that the cyborgs were only following Cabal's strategies, because Cabal was in fact alive and since it was a waste of time to deal with Abelifester's creation.

Abelifester reported his findings to the Brotherhood who rejected his reports saying that his findings were flawed. Abelifester was humiliated in the Brotherhood for months, treated as a looser slave, he lost his trust at the Brotherhood. He started to seek a vengeance. Sabotaged his own creation and used a group of cyborgs to dominate a Nod base. That's how the Cyborgs arrised.

Hunting Cabal
April 07, 2003 - 14:29
In the meantime, Cabal had been healing the Kane's body and some other injured Nod soldiers implanting chips which enabled Cabal to control all their actions. After several defeated waves of cyborgs, he was preparing his ultimate weapon: Kane. Kane had a special extremely advanced chip which was immune to any electromagnetic field and it was also much more efficient than any other chip Cabal had. Kane would go to the Nod base, take the whole control of the Brotherhood to Cabal and he would disable Abelifester's creation and would kill Abelifester. His plans failed, because at the same time that Kane was being sent to the Nod base which had Abelifester's creation, a group of Abelifester cyborgs from his rebel base tracked Cabal and destroyed him forever. Without the influence of the Chip, Kane regained control of his mind and regained the control of the Brotherhood deposing the leader Slavick.

The War Was Set
April 07, 2003 - 14:29
With the control of the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane started to prepare Nod to return to his initial plans of an advanced race by spreading the tiberium in the world. Abelifester leading the Cyborgs started his ultimate plan to implant his new lifestyle to the world: the Techno Socialism where the cyborgs would be the whole work force and they would be controled by Abelifester. Money would be extinguished likewise all those who oposed to him. Abelifester would have a complete political, economical, cultural and social control of the world. The Tiberian Defense League would fight for an society of equal rights and for the elimination of tiberium and the cure of all tiberian life-forms while GDI still works as peacekeeper.