Reign of Steel Beta3 build.250312
September 12, 2011 - 19:52

ROS Public Beta 3 build 250312 [include NPEX]
GET ROS Here!!!
d/l link also on ModDB

The file that need to play ROS
- NP_AE_0011

Update list from previous public version
- Add Megalodon for Consortium ; this unit have ability to stun vehicle and do damage in same time with his melee combat weapon.
- Add Barracuda for Consortium Replace to Manta ; this unit take same role as Manta but she use machinegun that can attack both air and grount instant
- Add Scalpel for Nod as repair vehicle ; this repair unit have ability to fly across battle field and repair vehicle from longrange
- Add Juggernaut for GDI ; similat to Nod Irontail but he do less damage but more spread impact area.

[Balance and Tweak]
- Nod Devil's Buggy now using flame thrower instant fireball launcher
- Sidewinder Cost reduce from 2000 to 1600
- Reduce Damage of Railgun tower from 75 to 35
- Mammoth Tank have ability to use Mammoth Tusk missile attack ground unit
- Increase Hammerhead damage in Artillery mode
- Consortium Guardian Trooper now can be build on T1
- Twister Fighter Now fire pulse missile instant pulse gun.
- Jumpjet Trooper now attack air unit with machinegun instant missile
- Attack Bike ; Have stealth detection abilities
- Devil's Buggy ; No longer detect stealth unit
- Tick Tank ; Now Available in T1
- Nod Samsite ; Need Radar to build instant Barrack
- Avatar ; Decrease Avatar Attack Range to7.25 but do more Damage and increase HP from 250 to 275
- Stealth Tank ; Increase Stealth tank damage but Do less damage vs infantry from 50%,25%,25% to 20%,15%,15%
- Railgun Tower ; Damage Reduce from 75 to 50 and HP increase from 600 to 750
- Obelisk of light ; Damage increase from 150 to 180 and HP increase from 750 to 800
- Proton Cannon ; Damage increase from 33 to 45
- Increase Jackal Fire Power
- Irontail weapon now do damage 2 time when bullet "hit target" and when "explode"
- Empress "Doomblast" Attack Faster
- Empress Micro missile now do area damage
- Board Rider EMP Grenade now do damage to target
- Proton Cannon have ability to Stun vehicle with EMP
- Proton Cannon now need Tech Center
- Reduce Repair Bison Attack from 70 to 50
- Increase Supplier Heal ability from 50 to 70
- Improve Consortium Color Palette [ little Darker]
- Consortium Now use New EVA
- Improve weapon sound effect for most of Consortium unit
- Reduce Attack range from most unit now only "Artillery type" unit can out range attack T3 Defense Structure
- Quantum Tank now can attack target on level ground
- Add new Quote for Poseidon
- Reduce Cost of most Infantry unit for 25%
- Improve Terrain Graphic

[Bug Fix]
- Fix AI Mammoth Tank that some time didn't attack Construction Yard
- Fix missing Unit name on Deploy iron tail
- Fix Skybow Invisible when deploy
- Fix Turret animation of all Defense Structure
- Add New Map!

[New ROS Map]
- Shining Island [4]
- Forest Pass[2]
- Tier of Sorrow [2]
- Oasis [2] ; Original Map By Truefeel
- Dryheat [4]
- Tarrace [4]
- Tiberium Garden [6]
- Sinkhole [5]
- Monument Valley [6]
- Flame of Hell [6] ; Original Map By Truefeel

*** installation ***
- Install Your Ra2 with YR and update it to that last version
- install Npatch_AE
- install Npatch _Extant
- Unzip all ROS file into Ra2YR directory
- Run the game and have fun

How to uninstall ROS
- if you already have RA2YR i suggest you to backup it before install ROS because i dont have Uninstaller for my mod since it's not finish version.

why ROS use Npatch_EX not Ares
- because current version of Ares have no feature i need [they didn't finish feature i ask for] and i dont hope they will working on the feature i want anymore. but if they do in the future maybe i'll switch my mod to use it. and i never found any problem byusing Npatch anymore.

why all graphic in ROS is SHP
- because i try to keep all graphic matching as possible and some animation can be done only in SHP graphic like exhaust from aircraft and i personal hate to use SHP and Voxel graphic together [because i think both unit detail look too much different] and because many unit in ROS have more animation than unit in normal YR make me need to choose to use only shp.

why all aircraft in ROS is away fly
- because SHP can't support to make aircraft unit like voxel only way to get aircraft is hover logic but using hover logic for aircraft unit isn't all bad it allow me to make air unit with more complex ability that truely effect to gameplay more that just eye candy that's what i think it more fun and you can see all aircraft in ROS have very important role [only problem that annoy me is omni fire from them but even i hate it so much i must accept my choice]

why no campaign mode?
- because i didn't make it and because ROS is total conversion mod to use ROS unit/ building in normal YR2 campaign will make game broken make me i consider to disable that mode.

why the mod have no music?
- because i can't compose my own music and to use music from another is illegal, i dont want to have problem like my old previous mod that make me dont add music to my mod.

will the mod update in the future?
- sure [because i still alive :p] . but i don't know when maybe soon maybe take year except someone want to continue my project instead me.

Npatch_EX download Link [Fix]

Reign of Steel Credit
- Holy_Master = Reign of Steel Mod Leader

- Apollo = Ini Codder , Explosion Graphic , AI , Sound etc [i can say more than 40% of my mod done by him]
- Aro = Terrain Editor
- Orac = Concept Artist
- Truefeel = Map Designer
- raminator = camera setting tool for 3ds max
- Krow = Codder
- Anderwin = Alpha Tester
- Falci = Story Writer [ for presentation ] and ROS Logo Design
- AltomareXD = ROS Logo Design
- Gangster = Terrain Creator
- Spiderman2099 = some unit design and 3d graphic and Terrain Creator
- Gamemate = 2D Ghaphic
- IcySon555 = TMP creator tool
- TksSdo = Faction Logo design and user interface
- Banshee = Modding Tool , Forum / Mod Host
- TypeProton [aka error] = Concept Artist , Beta Tester
- VK = Npatch
- LH_Mouse = Npatch_Extent
- Ares Team = Ares Project

and other i forgot