Greetings, Comrade General! michael.dgg.2, the leader of OpenE2140, has recently posted some of the progress done with OpenE2140. For those unfamiliar with it, OpenE2140 is a modification for the OpenRA engine that strives to remake the old game Earth 2140. Here are the official words about it:

Hello everyone!

After 5 months, we've finished another milestone: Preview 6! It's been long 5 months, but the results are worth it.

Preview 6 contains several important features, that we've been implementing these past months:

  • Research

  • Water Base

  • Building Crew

  • UI overlay for MCU deployment

  • ... and more!

Without further ado, here it is. We hope you'll enjoy it:

You can also watch the video on is a PeerTube instance, which is maintained by Dave and Ben. Big thanks goes to these two guys!

Developer Diary: Implementing Water Base
One of the big features that we're showing in the Preview 6 video is Water Base. Since the implementation was rather tricky, but also interesting, we've decided to give it more attention and present it in more detail. Thus we're planning to release a Developer Diary dedicated to Water Base implementation very soon.

We hope you liked the new video. As for the near future, many of you have been asking, when you'll finally be able to play OpenE2140 yourselves. There are still lots of missing features, both smaller (like Miners disarming mines or building walls, HCU-M capturing disabled vehicles) and larger (resource harvesting, fully working AI, SP campaigns). While we could skip some (mainly smaller) features for first public releases, resource harvesting is an example of very important component of Earth 2140 (but also other C&C-like RTS games). And we don't want to release a public version of OpenE2140 without such important features working.

As such we'd like to ask you to be a little bit more patient.

In the meantime, we'd like to invite you to our Discord server, where you can discuss with us and other fans. Occasionally, we post some interesting stuff there, so don't hesitate and join us!

You can find more information about OpenE2140 by visiting the Official Website, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on OpenE2140!

Comrade Generals! The developers from Red Counter Strike have recently shared some bits of the recent progress on their project. Red Counter Strike is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri\'s Revenge with Ares that brings the vision of the mod\'s author into the game. That means, among other things, more realistic military hardware from the Cold War era while maintaining the wacky technology from Red Alert 2, such as the prism, the tesla technology, etc. It also enhances the armor system, thanks to Ares, providing more combat roles for units, increasing the complexity of handling an army, and increasing the need to mix different units in battle. Here are the official words about it:

It's high time that an article series is made to cover the tech structures and other civilian tech assets that will be newly introduced to the Red-Counter Strike mod.

When making these assets (made by Yuri_Prime), I thought it would be a good idea to give the players and then future mappers a good chunk of material to play with in the map editor and in-game. Not only that, but it also introduces an Economy configuration system that the player gets to choose from in the game lobby menu before starting the game. Now, without further ado, let's begin:

  • Tech Power Plant and Tech Advanced Power Plant:

First, some of the tech power support structures. Wanting to remain faithful to the original Command & Conquer titles, the Tiberian Dawn era power plant has been introduced to the mod. Its functionality is basic; it provides the player with a power output of 350 units.

The upgraded version of the normal powerplant gives the commander a better boost of power output. It gives 500 power units.

A further expansion to the civilian industrial assets was needed, in my opinion. As a Modder, I found the original title, although having a good variation of functionally distinct tech structures, I never shook off the feeling of needing to have and wanting more variety.

  • Tech Ore Silo and Oil Silo:

Old-New structures, unlike the Tech Oil Derrick, both structures will give the same amount of income that Oil Derrick gives but it takes more time per credit transfer. Both give about 10$ every 20 in-game seconds as opposed to oil derrick that give 10$ each 10-ingame seconds. However, where the silos shine (quite literally and no pun intended) is that they give twice the initial capture resource, oil derricks give 1000$ on capture; the silos give 2000$ on capture.

A minor difference between both buildings is that the oil silo explodes violently upon destruction.

So be careful when stationing or deploying units around it or near it.

  • Tech Ore Refinery:

A trans-era ore refinery is your go-to structure to capture if you need another ore processing point, as the name suggest it functions like normal ore refineries but with two added benefits, it will give the commander 2000$ credits on capture since it has stored ore inside. The second benefit is it will give the commander a free tech ore miner (Made by Crazy_Bird) every 15 in-game minutes and on top of that; upon capture a free miner is granted before the next one is sent thus helping the commander of mining more ore resources in the long run.

  • Tech oil Refinery:

Inspired by some of the civilian assets from Command & Conquer Generals, the tech oil refinery is the better oil derrick. Upon capture it grants 3000$ credits for the commander, also it gives 30$ each 10-ingame seconds. Again, keep in mind this refinery will explode violently, even more than the normal oil derrick or oil silo. However, it's sturdier than other oil related structure assets.

  • Tech Power Transformer Station:

A unique structure that has been added to the roster. Although it gives no power, it boosts the power output of all powerplants the commander has by 15% making it a very useful asset for commanders who need extra power to be produced. The power boosting capability is all thanks to PHOBOS logic expansion to make the logic exist and the power boosting happen.

For the Economy Configuration system, the reason for its addition is that I want players to have rudimentary control of the credit values in-game. That said, I did not want to ruin the mod's fun aspects nor tamper with the original game's values to not ruin the experience either.

Alright, here is an explanation of the following:

    • Standard: for those who are seeking a slow-paced game with methodical approach whilst training limited units to get the job done. This is technically what is intended for the mod. It will be a little challenging to get to the ten thousand credit mark, but doable.

    • Enhanced: same as standard but the tech structures and eco-boosters are enhanced to be actually a lot important to capture / construct. For those who want a little more economy boost in the game.

    • Vanilla: Red Alert 2 standard mark, ore/crystals/diamonds values are further enhanced to match the economy style of the vanilla game. For those who want a quicker fast paced game being able to build more units, relying less on the slow methodical approach.

    • Augmented: For casual players who just want to have fun and ditch the whole methodical approach. all values are further enhanced, have fun.

Now here is an example difference between the standard and vanilla configurations:

Note: vanilla game default speed is set at fast (30 FPS).

Alright, that is all for today. Stay tuned for the next update. Until next time !

You can find more information about Red Counter Strike by visiting the ModDB Profile. And that's all regarding Red Counter Strike for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Red Counter Strike!

Hi everyone! Contra has some interesting updates posted recently by their crew. For those unaware of what is being written here, Contra is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that redefines the experience of the game with new units, new graphics, and adds general's superpowers. It adds 3 new generals, it also improves the AI greatly and introduces super units, among many other gameplay changes, balance changes, and bug fixes. Here is what was posted about it:


For further information about Contra, visit its Official Website, Forums at Revora, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. And that's all regarding Contra for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Contra!

One Vision, One Purpose! In the name of Kane (who lives in death, of course)! There is a new version of One Vision published under the name One Vision 24.2.7. For those who are not acquainted with it, One Vision is a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath that aims to perfect its gameplay experience. It provides many diverse factions with unique units and gameplay approaches. It also improves the existing graphics and balance. Here are the official words about One Vision 24.2.7:

Greetings! The One Vision Team is proud to announce the first release of 2024!

The new versions were the result of extensive playtesting throughout the last months and addressed major pain points. In the early game, the slight health increase to Harvesters will be noticeable as most units now take another shot to destroy the Harvs. Consequently, early attacks require a tad more dedication and give a defender valuable extra seconds to scout and prepare. Other T1 buffs include Scorpion and the Raider Buggy, as well as a cheaper Seeker mutation for R-17.

A significant change also occurred to the Steel Talons Hammerhead. Its role changed from anti-tank to anti-infantry, but it kept its anti-air upgrade. Compared to other Hammerheads, it trades some speed for extra health and range. We want to make ST feel more distinct and also introduce the Sandstorm as a Slingshot replacement. And more new content will follow for T1, T2, and T3.

Other than that, we introduced a load of QoL improvements that should make many units feel more impactful. And in the goal to remove instant one-clicks, the Traveler's Chaos Lightning now has a visual 5-second warning before it strikes (you can expect more changes of this kind in the future). We are aware that some factions, such as ZOCOM and T-59, have a weak T3 and are keen to change this, but ST is our highest priority at the moment.

Patchlog Version 24.2

All Factions

  • Epic Units:

    • Adjusted the position of epics inside of their respective structures so they are no longer hidden by a scroll bar.

  • Harvesters:

    • Increased health 3840  -> 4000
    • Lowered taken rocket damage 90% -> 85%
    • Remark: Most T1 units need one more shot to kill a Harvester.
      Neutral Structures: Do not provide XP when damaged.

Common GDI

  • Juggernaught: Lowered damage to infantry 65% -> 35%
  • Firehawk:

    • Fixed loadout bug
    • Increased bomb damage 1500 -> 1750

  • Mammoth Tank:

    • Fixed Main Cannons: Had a higher rate of fire than intended before being upgraded
    • Buffed Railguns: Increased damage by 15%

  • Grenadiers

    • Fixed health 200 -> 300
    • Emp Grenades: Pre-throw delay reduced to 1s -> 0.5s
      Increased active abilities cooldown 45s  -> 60s

  • Kodiaks: Because their AA attack caused desyncs, they have been temporarily removed from the build queue.


  • MARV: Increased Zone Raider module weapons: 215 -> 250 (same as vanilla)
  • Zone Orca: Removed pre-attack delay of 0.2s

Steel Talons

  • New Unit! Sandstorm:

    • Fires rockets at ground and air targets
    • Can be upgraded with AP Rockets
    • Replaces Slingshot

  • New defense structure! Missile Battery:

    • Can be upgraded with AP Rockets
    • Replaces AA Battery

  • AP Rockets:

    • Increased research cost 2000$  -> 3000$
    • Increased research time 60s -> 90s

  • Mutant Mercenaries:

    • Lowered suppression to enemy infantry by 50%
    • Lowered suppression time 8s -> 5s

  • Falcon Commando:

    • Increased casting range of active abilities 150 -> 300
    • Increased active abilities cooldown 45s -> 60s
    • Heavy Hammerhead

      • Replaced Autocannons with Heavy Hammerhead Chaingun
      • Increased Speed 90 -> 120 (vanilla HH is 145)
      • Lowered Health 3500 -> 3000 (vanilla HH is 2400)
      • Note: The Chainguns have a range of 300, whereas ordinary Hammerheads have a range of 280. This Hammerhead still can’t garrison infantry but has anti-aircraft missiles.

Common Nod

  • Black Hand:

    • Increased cost 700 -> 800
    • Increased taken Sniper weapon damage 100% -> 120%
    • Remark: Black Hand members can now be one-shot by snipers

  • Scorpion Tank: Increased speed 80 -> 90


  • Raider Buggy:

    • Increased range 250 -> 265
    • Remark: Disintegrator range was increased a while back to improve their defensive capabilities. This had the unintended consequence of buffing them against Raider Buggies.

  • Avatar:

    • Fixed Commandeer ability: Researching Red Mercury disabled the ability to Commandeer Beam Cannons for the secondary laser. This was an unintentional holdover from the previous Laser Capacitor upgrade.

Marked of Kane

  • Myrmidon:

    • Overall, the Myrmidon overperformed despite MoK having great all-around tools
    • Increased cost 2300$ -> 2400$
    • Lowered damage of upgraded secondary laser 600 -> 540

  • Liquid Tiberium Trooper:

    • Lowered upgraded splash damage 9 -> 7
    • Lowered damage 23 -> 21

Black Hand

  • Purifier:

    • Increased damage of main laser 1180 -> 1200
    • Note: While this change looks insignificant at first, many targets will require one less shot to kill.

  • Medusa:

    • Increased range on Gorgon Missiles 600 -> 650
    • Remark: This raises the range barely above that of the Devastator to make it a reliable counter.

Common Scrin

  • Leeches: Lowers speed, range, and damage of attacked infantry by 25%
  • Ravagers:

    • Lowered cost 1000$ -> 800$
    • Removed anti-air attack
    • Lowered splash damage of Tiberium Agitation by 75% (damage against single targets remains the same)
    • Normalised Tiberium Agitation damage (empty harvesters take more damage, full harvesters take less)
    • Added downtime after teleportation of 1s

  • Shock Troopers (unupgraded):

    • Lowered delay between shots 0.4s -> 0.2s
    • Lowered delay between salvos 3.6s -> 3.2s
    • Note: This increases DPS by roughly 20%

  • Mechapede: Increase range on Anti-Air Disks 350 -> 400
  • Shock Troopers:

    • Improved Ion Supercharge Upgrade
    • Increased damage 180 -> 240
    • Lowered rate of fire by 10%


  • Shard Walker: Tripodator mutation correctly increases movement speed
  • Seeker: Lowered Vindicator mutation costs 200$ -> 100$
  • Shock Troopers:

    • Increased upgraded damage 90 -> 120
    • Lowered upgraded rate of fire by 20%

  • Armored Articulators:

    • Lowered speed increase for upgraded units +35% -> +25%

Traveller 59

  • Chaos Lightning: Added a visual 5-second delay before it activates (with visual laser indicator).
  • Advanced Blink Packs: Tripod, Phantasm, and Seeker

    • Increased Tripod teleportation range 300 -> 400 (same as Seekers and Phantasms)
    • Lowered Tripod post-teleport delay 3s -> 1s
    • Lowered other units post-teleport delay 1.5s -> 1s
    • Remark: This unifies the teleport behavior across all vehicles.

  • Prodigy:

    • Pre-teleport delay reduced to 1s -> 0.5s
    • Post-teleport delay reduced to 1.5s -> 1.2s

  • AoE Mind Control:

    • Increased cooldown 45s ? 60s
    • It cannot affect Epic Units

You can check more information about One Vision by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. You can grab the latest version of One Vision by clicking Here. And that's all regarding One Vision for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about One Vision!

Aloha! Inqubi, the leader of Combined Arms, has been busy recently in order to publish Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1. For your information, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here is the official announcement from Combined Arms's staff about Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1:

1.02 - Pre Release #1


  • Smart casting for unit abilities (by default, only the closest unit to the target will fire & ctrl can be used to force all selected units to fire).
  • New tech structure: Oil Refinery. Grants the owner a 10% production discount. Added to several team game maps.
  • Added button in skirmish/multiplayer lobby to reset options to defaults.
  • Added Fast Regrowth lobby option.
  • Added new IFV/Reckoner turrets: Yuri/Mastermind, Black Hand, Enlightened, Cyborg Elite, Mortars (Cryo/Sonic/Chem), Intruder, Ravager.
  • Overhauled Mini Drone attachment (making them easier to attach and less glitchy).
  • Improved support power targeting visuals.
  • Lowered selection priority for transport aircraft.
  • Added Testing Grounds map.

Balance & Faction Changes

  • Reduced Rifle/Minigunner/Warrior damage vs defenses by 20%.
  • Increased tier 1 tank & Tank Destroyer damage vs defenses by 20%.
  • Increased Engineer/Assimilator mine detection range.
  • Reduced basic defense power requirement from 25 to 10.
  • Reduced amount refunded when selling basic defenses.
  • Reduced mine defusal time for Engineers/Minelayers.
  • Commando/Tanya/Boris can now shoot revealed mines.
  • Lowered healing cap for commando units. It takes longer to wear off.
  • Added healing cap to any infantry with 15k HP or more.
  • Added 4-second delay to SEAL C4 planting. Reduce cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Increased Commando/Tanya C4 cooldown a little.
  • SEAL will no longer auto-place C4 in attack anything stance.
  • Reduced Brute attack speed and DPS vs infantry significantly. Reduce speed slightly.
  • Sniper & Desolator will one-shot any infantry.
  • Tech lock duration was reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • Reduced mine defusal time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Tanya/Commando/Boris can shoot revealed mines.
  • Increased Darkener damage vs buildings slightly.
  • Increased Plasma Turret HP from 4.5k to 4.6k. Increased RoF slightly. Removed inaccuracy. Moved part of damage vs. infantry to % damage warhead to better deal with high HP infantry.
  • Increased Laser Turret rate of fire slightly. Increased damage per shot vs infantry. Reduced DPS vs light armor slightly.
  • Increased Guard Tower/Pillbox damage vs. infantry, light armor, and heavy armor.
  • Increased Flame Tower/Chem Tower RoF slightly.
  • Increased Raider APC damage vs light armor. Reduce damage vs defenses.
  • Reduced Fleet Recall cooldown to 3 minutes.
  • Increased Shock Trooper HP from 7k to 8.5k.
  • Reduced Tesla Track damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage against light armor.
  • Increased Desolator damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Interloper damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Shade ammo by one and damage from 15k to 17k.
  • Increased Peacemaker cost from 2.2k to 2.4k.
  • Increased Banshee damage vs vehicles.
  • Reduced distance from SD units can be upgraded at.
  • Cyberdog armor to light armor.


  • New unit: Peacemaker - Heavy bomber available at T3 (Tech Center).
  • New upgrade for Ranger: Advanced Optics - Gives Rangers an ability that extends their vision range for a short time.
  • Reduced SEAL movement speed and lowered the cap on healing they can receive in a short time. Reduced HP from 18k to 16k. No longer immune to mind control/chaos gas.
  • New voices for Chrono Prison, Battle Fortress, Mirage Tank, and Cryo Launcher.
  • Chrono Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Scout Tank vision from 6 to 7.
  • Increased Chrono Prison damage vs heavy armor.
  • Increased Sniper IFV damage vs vehicles. Concussion requires a Raufoss upgrade
  • Added Guardian GI IFV turret.
  • Increased Rifle/Rocket Battle Fortress damage. Reduced range (to same as infantry).
  • Medic in Battle Fortress gives healing aura.
  • USA drops require Barracks/Factory plus either radar or aircraft production (previously required radar).
  • Reverted Nighthawk to normal selection priority. Default stance to Defend.
  • Increased jamming field radius by 1
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Reduced entrenched Engineer deployment time. Increased radius from 3 to 5.
  • Longbow benefits from Cryo Rockets upgrade.
  • Reduced Chrono Harvester upgrade cost to 1250.
  • Reduced Advanced Ore Processing cost to 750.
  • Reduced Nighthawk HP from 44k to 38k.
  • Increased Veil of War cooldown from 4 min to 5 min.
  • Reworked chill effect to have max ten stacks (up from 6).
  • Damage penalty removed from IFV cryo rockets.
  • Changed MGG/MRJ to light armor (increased HP from 22k to 25k).
  • Allow spies to disguise themselves as Scrin. Added SEAL/Commissar icons when disguised.


  • New unit: Floating Disc - Replaces Kirov for Psi-Corps.
  • New unit: Commissar - T3 infantry that buffs nearby infantry (increases movement and rate of fire).
  • New Upgrade for Psi-Corps: Gattling BTR.
  • Increased damage radius of V3 missiles.
  • Reduced damage and area of effect of V3 missiles when shot down.
  • Yuri will no longer kill slaves when using the mind blast ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Increased turret turn speed of Mammoth Tank & Eradicator.
  • Reduced radiation strength of Apocalypse Tank shells. Reduced damage against infantry with Flak Armor/Hardened Carapace upgrade. Reduced projectile speed. Increased damage vs buildings.
  • New voices for Siege Tank, Sukhoi, Eradicator, and Halo.
  • Mammoth Tank and Apocalypse Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Siege Tank damage vs buildings and defenses. Increased concussion duration by 1 second.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage per shot from 13.5k to 14.5k.
  • Replaced Psi-Corps Parabombs with Chaos Bombs.
  • Increased MAD Tank HP from 100k to 120k.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage.
  • Reduced Iron Curtain damage vs infantry.


  • New unit: Tomahawk Launcher - Available via research when Bombardment strategy is chosen.
  • Bombardier upgrade is now available regardless of strategy.
  • Titan railgun will always pass through the target to max range when fired at targets further than two cells away. Slightly reduced the passthrough damage.
  • Increased turret turn speed of all Mammoth Tank variants.
  • Increased Disruptor splash damage (mainly improves effectiveness against infantry).
  • New voices for Disruptor, Titan, Juggernaut, Battle Drone, Mammoth Drone & XO Powersuit.
  • Reduced strategy upgrade cost from $1250 to $1000.
  • (H)MLRS, Mammoth Tank, and Titan will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Slight increase in Surgical Strike splash damage close to the target. Damage is no longer reduced by prone.
  • Reduced Sonic Tower concussion duration vs infantry from 6 seconds to 1 second.
  • Reduced Carryall vision from 10 to 9.
  • Increased Nanite Repair heal per tick from 3% to 5%, reduced duration from 30s to 25s.
  • Increased XO laser damage.
  • Increased Juggernaut cost from $1500 to $2000. Increased range, HP, and damage.
  • At elite rank, third damage level used by Vulcan vs ground targets.
  • Increase TOW missile rate of fire and add TankBuster modifier.
  • Increase Bombardier damage vs. buildings, reduced vs. defenses.
  • Reduced cost of Afterburner upgrade to 750.
  • Increased (H)MLRS HP from 18/20k to 20/22k.
  • Increased Battle Drone cost to 800.


  • New upgrade for Buggy: Decoy Projectors - Gives Buggies an ability that creates two decoy Flame Tanks (or Heavy Flame Tanks for Black Hand).
  • Chem Warrior gains targeted ability to rush towards their target to close distance.
  • Reduced infiltrator cloak recharge delay.
  • New voices for Comanche, Microwave Tank, Spectre, Venom and Heavy Flame Tank.
  • Infiltrator and stolen tech rework. Unique units for infiltrating each faction's barracks/factory/air structures, tech locked when infiltrating radars/tech centers/T4 structures.
  • . Cryo Mortar unlocked by infiltrating Allied Barracks.
  • . Reckoner unlocked by infiltrating Allied War Factory.
  • . Black Eagle unlocked by infiltrating Allied Helipad.
  • . Cyberdog unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Barracks.
  • . Rhino Tank unlocked by infiltrating Soviet War Factory.
  • . Kamov unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Airfield.
  • . Sonic Mortar unlocked by infiltrating GDI Barracks.
  • . Pitbull unlocked by infiltrating GDI Weapons Factory.
  • . Shade unlocked by infiltrating GDI Airfield.
  • . Chem Mortar unlocked by infiltrating the Hand of Nod
  • . Mantis unlocked by infiltrating Nod Airstrip (or Legion Weapons Factory)
  • . Vertigo unlocked by infiltrating Nod Helipad
  • . Cyberscrin unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Portal.
  • . Viper unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Warp Sphere.
  • . Manticore unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Gravity Stabilizer.
  • Increased Heavy Flame Tank cost from 1000 to 1100. Reduced speed from 68 to 60.
  • Black Napalm reload time penalty increased slightly (for both Heavy Flame Tank and SSM).
  • Reduced damage increase for Bikes with TibCore from +10% to +7.5%.
  • Reduced Flame Tank splash damage.
  • Reduced SSM splash radius.
  • Slightly increased Microwave Tank RoF.
  • Slightly increased cyborg conversion time.
  • Reduced Stealth Tank resistance to aircraft slightly.
  • Reduced Venom damage vs buildings (with upgrade no change).
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Legion bonus changed to a 10% discount on stolen tech units.


  • New support power: Fleet Recall - Available on Signal Transmitter, teleports Devastators/Carriers/Mothership back to the Signal Transmitter.
  • New upgrade: Hypercharge - Gives Seekers/Lacerators the ability to fire an uninterrupted barrage for a short time, after which their weapons are disabled, and their speed is reduced until the ability recharges.
  • Mastermind will no longer kill slaves when using the mind spark ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Increased PAC damage.
  • Increased Greater Coalescence damage/healing radius.
  • Increased Atomizer splash radius.
  • Stormcrawler with Ion Conduits generates ion clouds more frequently (every 4 seconds down from 6).
  • Increased Devourer damage. Also increased vs none/light when charged.
  • Increased Darkener damage vs light armor.
  • Reduced PAC cost from $3000 to $2800.
  • Added range circle when targeting Greater Coalescence & Storm Spike.
  • Stormrider is now able to shoot in any direction. Reduced range vs ground very slightly (0.25).
  • Mothership will charge nearby Stormriders/Enervators.
  • Increase Atomizer range from 8 to 9.
  • Increased Devastator damage by 20% and splash radius slightly. Increased projectile speed.
  • Increased Enervator damage from 10k to 11.5k and range by 1.
  • Increased Leecher self-healing slightly.


  • New sound effects for the Vulcan weapon.
  • New Aircraft Sounds.
  • Added additional visuals when units are upgrading.
  • Added Soviet star icon under feet of units affected by Commissar inspiration buff.
  • Added IFV transform sound.
  • Added Transport Load/Unload sounds.
  • Added brass casings ejected from Vulcan, BTR, Gattling BTR, Apache, Hind and Kamov, IFV, HMMV, Buggy & Ranger
  • Added voice announcements for Intensified Microwaves, Seismic Missiles & Titan Railgun upgrades on completion.
  • Fixed some aircraft sprite facings.
  • Improved custom RA EVA voice line effects.


  • Corrected Cyborg Mechanic salvage time to match Mechanic.
  • Corrected range of Disruptor with Seek & Destroy.
  • Campaign tooltip visibility corrections.
  • Fixed empty warp damage bar appearing when units have very low health.
  • Minor AI improvements.
  • Added directional targeting to infiltration airstrike and corrected building damage.
  • Fixed Chrono Tank not firing at aircraft.
  • Fixed upgrades tab not being shown when selecting Ore Purifier.
  • Fix Chem Warrior projectile being invisible when in Battle Fortress.
  • Fixed map crashes (Calming Lakes, Utter Darkness).
  • Restored "I've got a present for ya" and "kiss it bye-bye" voice lines for Commando/Tanya when ordered to plant C4.
  • Veil of War debuff no longer stacks with direct Gap Generator debuff.
  • Iron Curtain on production building no longer pauses production from it.
  • Fixed rare crashing bug caused by missiles effectively diving underground.
  • Tracking beam weapons will be canceled on death.
  • Fixed Mirage Tank disguise palettes.
  • Fixed condition warheads do not apply to large actors with multiple targetable locations.
  • Corrected Sniper/Raufoss prerequsities in mission 5.
  • Fixed rare crash caused by force landing aircraft.
  • Minor mission tweaks.
  • Fixed Jungle Boogie map.
  • Fixed Vulcan reinforcements not being in the same select group as normal Vulcans.
  • Reduced Thief selection priority.

If you are curious about Combined Arms, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. Grab the latest pre-release version of Combined Arms by clicking Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Combined Arms and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

One vision, one purpose! ^Rampastein, the leader of C&C World-Altering Editor, has been busy recently in order to release C&C World-Altering Editor v0.9.9. For your information, C&C World-Altering Editor is a map editor for the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Red Alert 2, and its expansions. It originally started as a map editor for Dawn of the Tiberium Age. Here is the official announcement from C&C World-Altering Editor's staff about C&C World-Altering Editor v0.9.9:

World-Altering Editor v0.9.9
Major update with new features, bug fixes, and significant performance improvements. Possibly the last one before version 1.0.

Contributors: Rampastring, Morton, ZivDero

Changes compared to v0.9.8:

  • Added support for previewing global map lighting. You can do this by changing the Lighting Preview mode in Edit->Lighting. Does not yet support light posts. Support for them is currently planned for later this year
  • Implemented paletted rendering of objects. This slightly reduces the editor's VRAM consumption and makes it possible to implement support for previewing map lighting
  • Massively optimized VRAM use of voxels by between 90% and 95% for a typical RA2/YR voxel model
  • Implemented rendering of building upgrades
  • Added support for rendering building bibs in the sidebar building preview
  • Added a button for opening the trigger related to a team's attached tag to the TeamTypes window
  • Added a map load error check for a house having an invalid base node
  • (RA2/YR) The editor now writes a dummy black preview to the map file and reorders the [Preview] and [PreviewPack] sections to be at the top of the INI file. This is required by builds of Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge that do not use the Phobos engine extension
  • (RA2/YR) Added support for parsing Ares' [WeaponTypes] section
  • Object deletion is now performed through the Undo/Redo system. This means you can un-do deletions of objects
  • The "Building with Property" aka "building target" selection window now has the targeting mode in a dropdown separately from the list of buildings
  • The height of tree view lines on the sidebar is now customizable through /Config/UI/UIConstants.ini. Higher values reduce space efficiency, but allow the sidebar to display larger preview images, which might be a desirable tradeoff for some mods
  • Fixed rendering in Framework Mode for tiles that did not have unique Framework Mode graphics
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of building animations, which often lead to flickering building animations
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes not all valid overlay frames were displayed on the overlay frame selector
  • Fixed a bug where a hotkey was displayed incorrectly when it was reseted
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to free the memory of an empty voxel model frame, typically when loading a different map after already having loaded a map
  • Fixed a bug where the minimap was not updated when certain editor settings were changed (for example, by toggling 2D mode or framework mode)

You can check more information about C&C World-Altering Editor by visiting the Topic at PPM Forums, Official Website, and Discord Channel at C&C Mod Haven. Download C&C World-Altering Editor v0.9.9. And that's all regarding C&C World-Altering Editor for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about C&C World-Altering Editor!

Ladies and gentlemen! E1 Elite, the leader of Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches, has released Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches (2024-02-22) a while ago. For those who are not acquainted with it, Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches is a DLL that extends the features and fixes bugs from Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 map editor for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and also for the vanilla Red Alert 2. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches (2024-02-22):

Final Alert 2 YR v1.02 Patches

Changes (2024-02-22):
  • Aqrit's DDraw wrapper was placed in the FA2 folder to be used by default (From ForWindows10 folder).
  • Included MapResize tool updated to latest version.

For further information about Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches, visit the Topic at PPM Forums. Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches!

Aloha! E1 Elite, the leader of MapResize, has recently released MapResize MapResize is a tool made to resize maps of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. It was created to bypass the shortcomings of FinalSun/FinalAlert2, being unable to resize beyond the maximum size limitation of these map editors. It doesn't process tunnels, smudges, base nodes, etc., and it doesn't clean up well. It runs on Windows OS with .Net 4.0. Here is the official announcement from MapResize:


2024-02-21 (version
- Parsing fix: Accept square brackets in text fields.
- Typelist duplicate handling adapted for RA2/YR.
- Overlay pack encoding updated.
- Empty map pack section checks added.

You can find more information about MapResize by visiting the Topic at PPM Forums, and Official Website. Download the latest version hereThat's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on MapResize!