June 06, 2005 - 04:25

Tuesday, June 6th, 2035.
Classified Eyes Only.
PPM Inteligence Report #827932930375.
PPM: Final Dawn -- The Foundation Of TDL campaign.


  The information below about the Global Defense Initiative was collected by our spies before the riots for the Tiberium industry started. Many of our spies were captured by GDI forces while this data was being collected. Fortunately, our operation wasn't compromised by these incidents. Make a good use the information below for future battles and for the gain of our cause.

 , The Undersigned


Global Defense Initiative:

Full Name: Global Defense Initiative
Nick Name/Abreviation: GDI
Symbol: Eagle, representing freedom.
Origin: A special operation forces created by the United Nations in 1995 to combat terrorism cells. Growed into an bigger organization to combat the Brotherhood Of Nod. Since the fall of United Nations, GDI has grown enough to replace it, being an international organization.
Currently Controlled By: Philadelphia Space Station and a representative council formed by representants choosen by the government of the remaining local states/cities that funds it.

Political Overview:

Political System: Democratic Republic (Leader choosen by a council, inherited by United Nations)
Economy System: Neo Liberalism
Cultural System: Freedom Of Expression
Power Hierarchy System: Representative Council govern it with the Leader. Space Station Cells are secondary in command and then, several command centers spreaded in Earth. Representative Council does not affect emergency security related decisions.
Comercial System: Free Commerce
Information Spread System: GDI is well seen in the greatest majority of the main media channels (newspaper, TV, internet, cell phone channels, etc..). Also, GDI is usually mentioned in positive ways in the greatest majority of the books, including history and school books, internet sites and other sources of information. GDI also makes a mass use of propaganda in media in its influence zones. GDI usually promotes the image of world heroes and peace keepers. The translation of the tacitus is a 2 sided sword currently being used by GDI to promote their image towards forgotten groups, however, a wrong use of it can cause the fury of the population.
Information Restriction System: GDI tends to restrict (or sponsor media to restrict) any information revelant to damages caused by wars (being civilian deaths, strategy mistakes, economical losses) and it also heavily restricts any information related to resource gathering and use of tiberium for economical purposes. GDI also tries to distances its image from business.
Corruption Level: Very high and mostly hidden. Typical in any democratic organization.

Ideological Overview:

Official Main Objective: Promote world peace and save lives.
Main Logo: Join GDI: We save lives!
Unofficial, Internal, Extra-Official and/or Obscure Objectives: Impossible to determine. GDI is internally disorganized and extremely democratic. Each sector has its own purposes, many of them, have extra economical or political or self-promotion purposes. GDI lacks transparency in this sense.
Political Ideology: Politics mainly controlled by business. State should interfere a little, just on basic laws and on emergency situations.
Economic Ideology: Economics mainly controlled by business. State should interfere to prevent instabilities with investors and jobs. Primary services like health, education, infra-structure and others should be controlled by 3rd party only.
Cultural Ideology: Culture controlled by Media, Business and People. State should avoid to interfere on it.
Political Influence: High, at the governments that supports it, usually moved by the interest on certain sectors from GDI. GDI does not have full control of its influence zones/territory, as they are independent zones.
Economical Influence: Very strong influence on business, as they have the support from all business center inconditionally. More than 99% of the industries, enterprises and business organizations donate a little part of its profits to GDI, since any other side in power would ruin their business.
Cultural Influence: They have a considerable approval of the world population. They are a symbol of peacekeeping and/or heroism in many places....